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in ovariotomy in Europe. Having a warm personal friendship for the
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and which has been either cooked almost to pieces in a steamer, or else
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of these cases. The purulent discharge continues, and the patient goes on from bad
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The President thought the operation promised to give great relief in some
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vinegar, or 5-10 G. (1^-2% dr.) of soap. When increased itching, more
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preferable. In practice, we do not, of course, sharply separate the carbo-
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firmed, and the character of the changes in the tissue elements was
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the use of chlorine gas. After the use of this gas, the various articles should be
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so as to include the mucous lining of the urethra ; if not, the incision
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the food more quickly into the intestine, an advantage that may, how-
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from hospitals ;" and it is said " the best means of ventilating them are
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is now before the public and the profession, and if the laiter can discover
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but two deaths (14.3 per cent ) . To determine in each fresh case of pneu-
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artificial salts, while not so good as the natural ones, are very useful,