vice, and the good judgment it displays, although we should dislike to

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uterine contractions. The forceps were applied, and a fine healthy child

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the mouth to other organs. This is especially true in the case of uncon-

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from the mesenteric ganglia. 2. From Auerbach's plexus, which contains multi-

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In his remarks on this interesting case, Mr. Soden endeavours to explain

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1881, p. 35. This is a very strange case. Seven days after normal child-birth,

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the severest type, acorn cocoa, soups made from tapioca or the legumiBan

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care and watchfulness than when the brain begins to free itself from the

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spitting, and her face was turned down and away from us. She said she

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place, benzoic acid and sodium benzoate the second. The flrst two should,

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Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, Doctor C. Black of Caldwell, Kansas,

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putting the child to the breast, even after disappearance of the erysipela-

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to prolonged dissipation the patient was, at this time, in a condition that

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heart in systole (if the dose were sufficiently large) ; 2. the raised blood-pressure

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may be subdivided into (1) batfis (in the widest sense), (2) massage,

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Lotdd only be tried after the acute stage when the temperature is normal

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cologic. He used the salt subcutaneously on five dogs, a rabbit, and several frogs.

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danger to life from hemorrhage. The most extensive and ghastly injuries,

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she became drowsy and stupid, and went into a condition of dementia, so that

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contusion at the fons et origo, or base of the brain. That such effects

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Diineral water drunk quickly (3 glasses or even more). Even slight

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Bacteria. By Dr. Antoine Magnin, etc. etc., and George M. Sternberg, M.D.,

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upper lid slightly cedematous, but neither red nor very tense ; globe

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fied expert^ including titration (Yedder), it is certainly the best aing^