the author that the inflammatory changes are not due to nerve lesions.
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Autopsy. — An abscess, 1 j by 1 inch in diameter, was found in the right poste-
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tains a paper on this subject by Dr. Theodor Wyder, of Zurich. He commences
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the tendon over the smooth rounded head of the humerus might be expected
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leg on the right side. One year after the first attack a second one occurred, accom-
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kidney was healthy, is not even encouraging (23 per cent.), whereas, in eight
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tion existed between it and the suppression of urine which helped to the
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more times the amount of arsenic ingested should be employed. It is
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950.0 G. (31% ounces)) are added to 1 part of a freshly prepared,
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of lungs studded with miliary tubercle. Other organs normal.
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17th. The countenance cheerful, and I need hardly add that, from the
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prepared at home contains from 3 to 7 per cent, coagulable proteia and
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these cases before waiting for a report of the throat culture. Fruhwald
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upon the face. 4. The variety of the erysipelas may be either cutaneous
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dition bearing a resemblance to the figure accompanying this article, yet
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to freely consult its pages, and will discover much in it to recommend,
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held between the gums. In this condition it lingered till the following
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pied by the papillomatous projections, ulcerations develop, the appearance of
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The next two chapters present an admirable account of the various
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divided into mild laxatives, medium purges, and drastic purges. TiKf
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may prove effectuaL For persistent insomnia the warm douche, 98^*92^,
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the shoulder-joint. I believe it to have been probably caused in one of
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severe pain, and intermpting his business and pleasure to saeh an &M
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toms were somewhat relieved by stimulants and opiates, at the end of this time
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tioned above, in which practically no therapy is of any avail, acute diftw