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middle of the tube and a funnel at the upper end. While

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morrhage from the lungs, a subject which within a few years back has been

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delicate lining of the respiratory tract from dust parJ^

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appears to have gradually worn off, and a reconciliation took place. In

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peculiarly vulnerable to the disease, notably negroes

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manner proposed, will extract a single atom of it? It is highly improbable.

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The court (Sir Herbert Jenner) said, " the principle had been frequently acted

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brief, of the changes in the eye which are known to accompany

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quickly lost by the accumulation of blood in the surrounding vessels compress-

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dysentery had been prevalent for some time previously to the first

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most evidently, that the disease was not regulated by temperature or change of

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victim's torture. We would suggest a teaspoonful of

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evidently softened ; small fragments examined under the microscope

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Elements of Physics, or Natural Philosophy General and Medical, complete

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7. Gibson, J. B., Harris, A. W., & Swigert, V. W.:

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peculiarities. 2. That the walls, being so thinned and weakened,

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attack. A little girl who was an inmate of the hospital for more than a

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from one another. It may be urged that the presence of a


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the diseases of the kidney as they ori|i^nate in the primary

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ease occurred. Deprived of vegetables, they grew worse from day to day,

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or severe, and there was a vacant and painful expression of face.

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child in whom the external orifice of the urethra was deficient from original

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be buried without the inspection and certificate of an authorised

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manner in which the venous circulation is effected there, ascribes flooding mainly

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(vide ' Wochenschrifl fur die gesammte Heilkunde,' No. 1, 1837); also the

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Dr. Maudsley's work, deyoted to the consideration of the emo-

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in 30 minutes in two cases; twenty grains repealed in 30 minutes in tivo

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cases, of which 4 were not in any way benefited, 3 were cured, and 5 con-

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Begarding pasalttic symptoms, in eleven cases we have distinct

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wholly on the Atlantic Plain. The soil, which is generally light and sandy,

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reasonably active. In a normal heart the reserve power

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as a splendid monument of a long and successful career, and

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up. Simple dressings were applied, the limb being placed in a semi-flexed