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of collapse, he may be taken out after the temperature has faUen 2"^.
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Adherent and Contracted Prepuce, commonly called Congenital Phimosis. By De
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being ascribable to ear-disease, seem to be tabetic in origin.
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weeks he suffered from severe headache and general debility, and was consti-
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They are particalarly suited to cases where symptoms of hyperemia of
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associated with the presence of micro-organisms was very great. These micro-
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posthumous volume entitled " A Treatise on Some Practical Points Relating to the
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Moderately Dry. — Texas, L:iland Southern California, Minnesota,
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tion I am indebted for the remaining history until the date of my own
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therefore, chiefly of use in the case of infants and aged persons. With
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which in this country has perhaps met with more favour than any other.
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diplopia. After it has fully developed and remained stationary for a time,
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)preeiable in the erect posture and which causes a kink in the stomach,
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somewhat loose. He was taken four days since with slight soreness and pain
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in America toward the transference of Graves's disease from the phy-
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the small, psydraceous pustule, characteristic of impetigo, and even the
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upon the climate's power of beat abstraction. The latter in torn de-
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evident. Certainly there was no complete paralysis. Similarly with sen-
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Foods which are useful in ccmstipaticHi on account of their rich
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which he visited her for three weeks or more, ceasing to call as she
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cedar) — which are now generally adopted by American makers, whose
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provided the tissue change exists in similar places.
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found, however that an emplastrum lyttce applied to the loins is equally
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heat of the stove sickened her, but she could not bear the doors open. On
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