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low), sleeplessness, slight laryngeal or intestinal ulcers.
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Lyman have shown that the administration of atophan leads to an in-
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Tea and Coffee, — Tea and coffee, as far as experiment shows, haie
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In making the transverse incision, the ligamentum patellae is cut through and the
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attempts to designate what is commonly called traumatic aneurism. He
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chell, M.R.C.S., etc. New York : J. H. Vail & Co., 1883.
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or part of a vocal cord. Pain in swallowing is a much more significant
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is one in which Professor Richardson, of New Orleans, narrates the his-
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vaguely referred to by Moschion and Levret 1700 years before. He said
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. . . "We must all recognise the dangers of fat to the diabetic The
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voice ; the proper and improper use of the voice ; the diseases that impair