Number and Times of Meals. — In regard to the number of meals

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This occurs more frequently in women and in tiiose whom the earlier,

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Abdominal Massage: Indications and Contraindicatioiis. — On so*

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This plainly increased the difficulty, for the pressure of the child up to the breast,

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mamma and lymphatic glands ; she died of broncho-pneumonia within

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and as caused by direct action of the drug on the cardiac tissue, there was doubt

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work into books. Book the First treats of General Diseases affecting

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Axxmiorphine may also be given, 0.02 Q. (»/io gr.), hypodermically,

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ment of this ideal must be considered the province not alone of phy-

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author and translator, and speaks well for the good judgment of the

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whose occupation is sedentary and miennded. In such work we should

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The photographs of the larynx in phonation are strongly confirmative of

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temi>erature. The patients may be up and about, thitmghout the rest

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The difSculty in mastication necessitates, for the moot pari, a fluid

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pected. Those which were noticed, however, were such as might be supposed

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very cautiously. And in othrar cases it is not ^ective, and we nunt hare

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island of Heimacy, adjacent, such has been its fatality that not a child

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it is necessary in this operation to try to insure a strong articulation, in case, for

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the ventricle, and arrives in the artery in one third of the time concerned in

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percussion resonant. Slightly so on the right side. Under the left clavicle

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whether given in the dose prescribed I^ its advocate, 0.50-100 Gt. (7-lS

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Stewart's diagnoses. The committee, however, did not agree, either as

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still more emphasized, and neutralizing blue glass for artificial light and

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which comprise at least fifteen cases more, we were never able to find any

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the natural water. [A teaspoonful of phosphate of soda in a tumbler of

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account of its containing a passing eulogy on the character of Dr. John

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perforative appendicitis from ample appendicitis by the f oUovnng

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which grows smaller as we ascend to the surface. The pigment in the