with particular reference to complications gave the following result: Abscess
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amount being 29 gm., persists until a day or two after the crisis, when
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Association of Life Insurance Directors has lost one of its
In cultures full virulence has been noted at fifteen months; on dried paper,
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and loss of protection to the conjunctiva. The lesion is one of the fifth nerve.
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occur on the surface of the body. In some epidemics the petechial eruptions
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namely, rigidity of the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscles, with supraclavicular
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most marked in asthenic cases, and also occur quite frequently as pro-
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typhoid and the lesions attain their full development within one to three
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increased in numbers, Avhich suggests that they can multiply without any
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weeding out of the most susceptible hosts and consequently a small rise in
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of one or two eggs with a little water, then straining and adding a little lemon
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hands, or on the legs. They may be found only on the arms and about the
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swallowed by the fly and deposited later. Fischer estimates the duration
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of the blood in either or both of these substances, capable of acting upon a
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(b) The beneficiary must have a good and clear insurable
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the North of England. It may also account for the smaller proportion of
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