meat jdlies, brains, sweetbreads, bouillon, cold veal, fowls, dried bread,
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ularly those containing carbon dioxide (Nauheim, Franzensbad, Oeyn-
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operation will, most probably, not be radical. Admitting that it is possible to
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If we do not admit variety of poison, we must certainly admit other in-
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Dr. Frank Ogston reports, in the Edinburgh Medical Journal, Feb. 1884,
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the most important factor in tiie cure of pulmonary tuberculosis.
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destructive ulceration began two weeks ago, the whole dorsal surface, as
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I had ever seen before, that I have been led to reflect, had they occurred
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amination, notwithstanding, from my previous experience during the past
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tins of this paper, are those where the mucous membrane of the bladder and the
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nearly useless ; he had, also, frequent attacks of neuralgia of the heart.
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all on the same horizontal plane, and a straight line drawn from the
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and had compressed the left olfactory nerve, the right V., and the Gasserian
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bouring islands, the disease kills half of the whole number of infants born,
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elay digestion in the stomach. Certain indiyidual drugs produce their
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harden the patient (Keller). To accomplish its purpose, the air hftk
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and fresh air are necessary to prevent either sick or well people from
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cherries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and, in a less degree Vf^
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much fluid. For we are employing thymol for its local action sad
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are wrought up, to suit the existing ideas of the day, without the addition of
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Case XLIY. Sarcoma compressing the Occipital Lobes. — Male, 56 ; suffered
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green goes first, then red, finally yellow and blue. Charcot says that the. perception
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action. Gautier has extracted from the poison of trigonocephalus and naja two
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for the same purpose in doses of 0.1-1.0 G. (1%-15 gr.) daily.
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"by a choking noise," and upon hastening to see what had happened, found
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first noticed a weeping on and around nipple, due, as she imagined, to
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To expedite the flow of the salvarsan sokition remaining in the ddhraj
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carbolic acid. Ordered nutritive enemata, and to abstain from food by
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They have still less value as foods. A teai9>oonful added to a plate d
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cireumstancea. A hypodermic of 0.005 G. (Vis CT*) may be followed
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Therapy of Catarrhal Stomatitis. — The treatment of catarrhal
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mass barely touching the gyrus fornicatus of the opposite side. It was overlapped
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left side of his face and in the left hand. At times the right eyelid was swollen,
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desensitized. Then in administering tlie serum, it is injected slowly st