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endermically used, much of their influence is exhausted in their local action

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perforation) to make the direct procedure against the poison effective,

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son, whether pregnant or not, genuine scarlet fever, seems conclusive

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malformation or derangement of the sexual apparatus seems to be respon-

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Local Antiseptics. — The foregoing antiseptics may also be utilized

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Cold Applications. — The effects of cold r^nain to be mentioned. It

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dence of cerebral disturbance was an occasional attack of vertigo. She became

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convolution were two more small centres of softening. A descending degeneration

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eases are so nuld, that rest in bed for the proper length of time is all

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bell, to try them. He applied four of them to the eyelid of a girl labouring

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them. Tenacula are better than pincers, because when the intestinal wall is

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communicating with fractures of bones and with joint cavities, but must

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a poisonous and non-poisonous moiety, one part volatile the other non- volatile ;

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of liquid ingested, which helps to thin the bile. For this reason it seenusi

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ception of those characters, as the only means of enabling you to recognise

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age, unmarried, had suffered under amenorrhcea for two years, during which

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pet-shaped orifice. They are found in bronchi provided with cartilages,

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use of pepsin and Iqrdrochloric acid often hits the mark.

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chronic catarrh (simple or gonorrhoeal), retroflexion, stenosis of the os internum

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the same time conceived the plan of dropping in the stump of the cervix

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