for two days, then removed, and the vagina syringed with a weak solution of

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type with glycosuria is very small as compared with the gouty type.

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riiythmic in- and expirations, timed by a metronome. (2) In order

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membrane of the stomach. In obstinate anorexia or when the patient

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of Heloderma suspectum, Cope, the Gila monster of New Mexico and

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mitil the skin is red. Heubner recommends a mustard water pack for

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are black ; the operator is plainly an Ethiopian, with a great mass of kinky

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the alkalies and alkaline mineral waters. Large doses of sodium bicar-

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the left occipital lobe there was a large area in which the brain substance was

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tion. All traces of smaller hemorrhages in the inferior portion of the

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Case V. A man, 27 years of age, and entirely without any history of "trau-

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tance, has been proved not to be an essential factor, since little more air

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Reflex Movements The entire absence of the so-called " Argyll-Rob-

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(4 gr.) of the drug in a patient sixty years dd. Of the other antipyietia

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density of the gas. During this process the doors and windows should be tightly

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sure on the line of the carotid H inches above the scar.

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Medical Department of Transylvania University, containing the circular for

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larger quantities of alkalies. Heavy calcined magnesia has approzin^

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mer, than Santa F6, has less precipitation, but has severer and moR

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Mons. J. F. Jarjavay, Professeur a la Faculte de M^decine, chirurgien

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in equal parts, about 100 O. (3 oz.)), but oftener soap enemas (20 G.

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food value is so low that they can be given in considerable bulk, and thiB

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group of cases where, in addition, other signs and symptoms become

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atony. It is also important to chew the food carefully, to take good eiR

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carefully chosen, liberal diet. Marvellous effects often result from

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dose 10^^20 O. (^-% oz.) of gelatii^ 1.20 6. (18 gr.) of salt, 200 G.