[In recent years countless strikingly good results in the treatment of
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36 in first 15 seconds. 110 Carmine granules found in blood drawn
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A System Of Midwifery, Including the Diseases of Pregnancy and the Puerperal
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British Medical Association. There appears to him to be little or no difference
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author recommends a simple liquid diet, of milk and soups made without
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" A point made by both Baldwin and Watson is the similarity of time in the
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diminution of pulse rate by cold has been found by Howell and Donaldson
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home at once. In a very short time, before he had reached the house, the pain
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in her chamber, and at the time of the commencement of the obstruction
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age, and in all, 81 per cent, between the ages of twenty to fifty." All
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antipyrin 0.5 G. (7 gr.), exalgin, or p3rramid(m. Exalgin {m^
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Although the milk products (milk, fermented milk, kefir, freflb cheev)
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date from a certain attack of acute rheumatism, as Duroziez has had cases of mitral
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to decide whether the cases treated by him antiseptically were similar to
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at the house of a friend who advised her to employ Stoy's cure. They in-
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and it is to be hoped there will not be another, as one of the chief reasons
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no comment upon the important and instructive fact that it has grave
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considerable extent. (Fritsch, cited by Wilbrand, Hemianopsie, p. 144.)
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fine, and deserve generous praise ; the remaining plates are of varying
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existence of pain during flexion of the forearm can readily be understood.
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able portion of blood. In consequence of the distress and difficulty produced
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and colour. No visible splotches or hemorrhages. H. between 1 and 2 D.
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rectum in his hand ; and, besides, this is more agreeable to the patient.
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out at the back of the thigh ; or it may burst at the back of the abdomen ; or
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as typically illustrating my plan of bougie treatment. Jt is proper to
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or chronic. In acute uraemia, an exclusively milk diet is indicated.
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Spbcifio Tbeatmknt. — Diphtheria antitoxin is a sx>ecific. The foUenr-
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no wanner than other parts of the body. If any signs of cyanosia appeti;
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when placed in the connective tissue (muscles and lymphatic ganglion)
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much enlarged throughout. By Frederick James Gant, F.R.C.S., etc. etc. New
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slough of the tissue by its virulence, it merely irritates the tissue into
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tion ; rubber bandage twice daily for half an hour. Pot. iod., grs. x ;
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broken up in the intestine. 3. If the intestinal reduction of the two sugars is
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fever and roseola and which are, nevertheless, all confounded together by