finds that in them all the hemorrhage and other symptoms characteristic of the

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kinds of memory is found chiefly in those forms of disease which affect the

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and encouragement which was denied him by those who should regret their

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(f.©., less albumin) ; milk with white of egg, buttermilk, koumiss, matzofla,

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Bome milk preparatioii may be added later. However, in the i>resence

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lous fistulas, etc. It is possible that all these operations are not carried

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irritation of the stomach or intestines. For many such patients condi-

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veloped at the same time upon several of the toes and upon the right thumb,

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from 8 to 25 grains of iodide of potassium each day during two weeks,

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although the practices recommended follow closely those pursued in the

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there cannot be any question, as I saw the patient immediately after the

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conditions react on his mental state, and that susceptibilily to suggestioiii

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nd oil, agree well with the patient and may be warmly recommended,

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say, the unsuccessful results have been in the cases of children. Among

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alkaline, astringent, or antiseptic solution (e.g., a 1-2 per cent, solutioa

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There is yet another class of cases which he describes, plainly caused by

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benefit is to be accredited to the specific action of the typhoid vaccine.

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used borax for the same purpose. Lipowitz first noticed the powerful solvent

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which he lectures with an obstetrical analysis, giving in few words the

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To the consideration of tumours much space (one hundred pages) is

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In severe cases it is usually impossible for the patient to exercise; be

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whims and give them the delicacies they ask for, even caviar, (^ysten^

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One form of emphysema is related to changes in the bony thonz,

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ease, for the therapy is most unsatisfactory. In acute caaesi whether

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out the lab-ferment. He begins again, if i)Ossible, with a milk diet and

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disease is from 14-21 days, after which time the patient may be allowed

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resistance to the action of fluids which make the corpuscles swell, and a great

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resented by the number of apertures. Even the manufacturers of wire

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Dr. Sayre, preferring the poro-plastic one. We think he errs in sup-

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part of the skin. It has always been in the substance of the mammary gland,

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XXIX. Porro's Operation. By Clement Godson, M.D., Consulting Phy-

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After loine attacks of pleurisy with effusion, extensive, oft^i yerj

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blue from the tissues, and other bacilli or cocci, it does not affect the

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saved. According to Hirschberg (Arch, of Ophth,, vol. ix. p. 883), the

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