— elevation of the humerus — are due the shortened deltoid, the unnaturally
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the joint, and elevation of the arm appeared to be prevented by contact between
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back the fever. I drew off 16 ounces of highly coloured urine. 1 Con-
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distinguish between the ignorant pretender, without conscience or education,
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out the st<»nach in the evening, 6 or 7 hours after the principal neil,
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and Halahan's, one of Olshausen's and Clemen's, and three of Schneider's
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especially in winter, to resorts in this country there is still much mis-
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the circumstances attending the progress of the case. The strongest in-
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terical retention about the latter period. The plaster is useful in other cases.
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of the cancerous uterus. Dr. Schroder said that, if one case in twenty could be
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Paralysis or paresis of the eye-muscles may be periodical in character,
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Therapy During an Attack. — ^The rapidity with which an attack
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Dr. Hewitt holds that in some of the cases in which Battey's operation
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who are charged with the preservation of the creatures, arrested the evil. Siva,
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legs ; the' left being denuded of a small portion of skin near the inner
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Statistical Society ; Late Secretary and General Superintendent of
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per cent, in their favour. It is not the present purpose to follow the dis-
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the right subclavian, were given off by the innominata ; and that, on the
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last paracentesis still plainly visible, as a red, scab-like line on the manu-
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himself to local treatment [Einhom still employs opium in watbxBt
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itomaeh should be washed a second time late in the evening. Many keep
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in 15 syphilis, cold, and fatigue, in 4 syphilis, cold, and excesses, in 3 syphilis,
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nervous system. Surgery must also be frequently brought into
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was opened, and about one-and-a-half inch of thickened and indurated
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SwUzeHand: The Upper Bngadin; Pontresina, 5997 ft, 1 hour's
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This preparation represents a dilution of the tuberculin 100 times. In
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and opium, were used freely, and the patient slowly lost the pain, and a general
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atcny, it is well to give some alkali (magnesia, chalk, sodium bicarbonate
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the smaller, and on this side the septum was deviated to a moderate
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months, ten months, one year (2), two years (2), and three years (2). In
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contains 5-9 per cent of carbohydrate. It is a good form of bread to
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may be regarded as a favourable sign, indicating that the danger of puer-
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the fundus of the enormously distended gall-bladder with a contained gall-
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and Special. By Lewis S. Pilcher, A.M., M.D., Member of the New
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covering the middle and inferior turbinated bones and a portion of the
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The Diagnosis of Diseases of the Spinal Cord. By W. R. Gowers, M.D., F.R.C.P.,
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pseudoleukaemia. He has found the treatment much more successful if
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patient then gradually grew worse and died about a month afterward.
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together with rest and a regulated diet, emollient cataplasms, and nar-
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by some. P. Vogt is very properly of the opinion that these luxations are only
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ciated in America at least ten years before it was proposed by Sir Henry
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a time the ordinary household remedies were resorted to without effect, and
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weight, and is somewhat curved on the flat near the end. (Pattern shown.)
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visit. Vision the same. Pupils normal in size and shape. Irides equally