contrivances in use, there is still a great difficulty in overcoming abnor-

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veins, produced by the passage into them of the arterial blood. Normally

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bloed. Moreovw, with the excqf>ti(»i of grapes and cherries, they are not

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The author presents a number of records of cases illustrating the dia-

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of rye in every form, both in small and large doses; this increased the pain,

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apparently are as efficacious as creosotal. The first is given in i>owdea,

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Big. — 3-5 tiU>]68poonfuls a day for adults; 1-4 for children.

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Medical Symbolism. By Thos. S. Sozinsky, M.D. Philadelphia.

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various sizes, some imbedded in normal muscular tissue, others in tissue which

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reserve material in the form of glycogen. The liver and the muscles,

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29th. Mother and child perfectly well. There is partial return of the

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shonld be tried in all eases, but particularly in tUbee caused l^ oonstipar

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1^ pressure on its outer edge until the tubator is withdrawn and the

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also by a better functional condition of the heart itself, as shown by di-

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fastened the jaws together. At the same time the masseter, external

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throughout our citiet is rarely a good diluent for milk. It is usually too

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President of the Connecticut Medical Society. Published at the request of

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and a period of complete physical and mental rest insured when the

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which may tend to make it more readily comprehensible : The large

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tion from the lavish manner in which they are fondled.

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ascribes it to the tertiary period, and distinguishes between these ulcerative or

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apparently useful where hydrochloric add and pepsin are deficient on

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might lead to tubal inflammation. He asked for further information as to the

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ance not infrequently in boys at puberty, upon the full development of

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about 5 m. (2 inches) long and for very fleshy individuals an even longer

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with extirpation of peri-uterine tumours or other viscera 13 3 10

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of deficient ossification, or the looseness referred to, the symptoms were

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extract, 15-20 drops before meals; (5) as the elixir condurango pep-