This is made by mutual decomposition between iodide of potassil
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gratified a patient in the desire to eat rancid lard, and be-
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form a mats, to be divided into six pills, of which one may be ^ken etery half
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had been tried with little or no effect. It will have been observed tbat
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is above the average temperature of the surface of the body ; and a de-
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of which lead was de-teeted in the urine after the Uee of the rem^r^
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ration, which is sometimes exhaustingly copious, and the diarrhcea, either ]
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Irritation is stimulation beyond the healthy point The two terms may
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most prominent are convulsive attacks similar to those of epilepsy,
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brandy or other form of ardent spirit has been added, to increase their
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phthisis, asthmatic disease with copious expectoration, and pertussis at
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These latter properties belong exclusively to the red blooded
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its extraordinary power over this complaint, bo of inestimable value.
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lysis. " In fine," says he, " an analysis of farina on the large
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sidered his chance of death as not less on board the vessel
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vailed on him to take a single grain of extract of liyoscyamus every
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flowers at the end. American centaury is inodorous and strongly bitter,
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it is said that tht* aqueous humor, taken from the foetus of one of the
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Besides these phenomena, loss of appetite and diarrhoea are mentioned
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cheerless fire, and from the warm exhalations of human bodies.
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occasional agitation, tbo liquid w;ia fiUcr«d, exposed to the atr no as to allow that
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the urinary organs. Though I have used the medicine considerably, I
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deaths of the animals within 24 hours post- challenge. Those animals
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mach of an invalid is like a schoolboy, always at mischief
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ita^ a pulse often, though not necessarily Arequent, and a moist tongue.
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they become of course much more strongly chalybeate. All chalybeafe
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ing the twenty-four hours, must not exceed, in all, three
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with fermented liquors. When these liquids contain cream
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the substances, so that the stomach may act more effectually
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contraction of the muscles of the glottis, retains it there so as
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gpaam occupies the voluntary muscles, the involuntary, or those partak-
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the remedies, I have viewed them likewise as prophylactics
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regioni sua est medicina, sua methodus," oberves Baglivi.
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tion of the stimulant, wc may sustain the excess of action longer; butj
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well observes, in regard to publications intended even for the
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employed in medicine is of a conical form, about aa long as the ^iger,
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lifo 10 the end, if it be not previously cut short by the occurrence of