objection to the use of good fat "Whether large quantities of milk may

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strongest heart stimulant camphor. Large doses are necessary, 10 Qt.

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the value of alkaline mineral waters to lie in flushing the body rather

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account of the hyperacidi^ of the gastxic secretion, unless Uiii ein be

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watched at the beginning of its administration. They are ccmtraindicated

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He stated that in consequence of unusual exposure to cold and moisture, he

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for the surgeon who first treats a wounded man to act antiseptically, if the one

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ippropriate sanatorium. The choice of diet has been much disputed,

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left optic nerve. It was a spindle-celled sarcoma. (E. G. Janewav, Trans.

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gout is in the upper extremities, b!b should use these joints in gymnastie

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may be addecL He does not consider morphine so satisfactory since it

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seen, he had painful abduction, creaking on rotation, etc. (as in Case I.), flexion

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nausea, etc.) supervene. The addition of codein phosphate, 0.008-0.016

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was the best dye. The distension of the wall of the capillaries seemed to show that

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helpful in: (1) chronic catarrh; (2) moderate atcmy, with or wiOool

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remain fat than to lose weight too rapidly (100 G. (3 oz.) a week or over) .

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no particular discussion ; their applicability and utility will occur to anj

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to an increased secretion of uric acid — ^the material out of which stones

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absent altogether in some cases (about ten per cent.), and its distinguish-

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In this case the analysis of the urine showed 5.15 percent, of sugar; there

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in eommon salt; if retention of urea (0.5 0.-1 0. in a litre of blood),

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saline solution. This usually achieves the desired end, and the head of

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make the necessary amonnt of nourishment impossible, must be removed.

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accomplish much ; but later the only remedy is a resort to some mechan-

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union is the best guarantee against any relapse of the local disease. An H-shaped

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vessels entering or leaving the sac so far as this can be done without

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do any harm, if an already established disease did not forbid salad and

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which a little space is left empty. The tendon occupying the greater part of its

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applicable in its primary stage to exploratory arthrotomy, to articular scraping,

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in sweetened water given internally, or else two teaspoonfuls of ether

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tmeturea is best replaced by tincture of anise or peppermint

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