the lesion is of large extent, the functions of two or more areas involved
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It should not be used in doses sufficiently large to narcotize the patkot
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has seen 2 eases of uratio sciatica of several weeks ' duration, on which
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of hardness ; Grade II, the one most frequently used, can be depended
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always an unsatisfactory method, since the stomach is never completely
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preparations, meat powder, or, tentatively, meat in finely divided f<Bm
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An enumeration of the diseases with which these patients were affected,
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Heart SiimmUmts. — ^Not much can be expected from the uae of heart
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nitrogen. Eels are too fatty and difScuit to dig^ Other kinds of or-
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and platinum, which were not generally recognized as having this effect. Their
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is good and equal to the right side ; there is no loss of power in the hand
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Index to the Transactions of the American Medical Association. Vols. I.-XXXIII.
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wheat bread, rolls, dried toead, swieback, crackers; apple sauce, pear
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To Col. John S. Billings, Surgeon U. S. Army, Librarian of the Surgeon-
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and secondly, those affecting the convolutions lying below the Sylvian
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T^>eworm (Taenia, Bothriocephalus). — If the presoice of pngU*
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Badenweiler (protected, subalpine olimate), 79''; Sohlangenbad ( Wies-
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erative tract and other erectile structures of the body. There is no reason
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than with us ; that the eruption is less common, not having been clearly
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tion. The cervix is seized in some portion of its periphery where the tissue is
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nervous aystem also shares in the etiology. Our therapy, then, in so far
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The Hip and its Diseases. By V. P. Gibney, A.M., M.D., etc. New York : Ber-
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strong stimulation of the ridn — mustard plasters to the soles of the feet,
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course of a month. The visual disturbance and the partial anaesthesia remained.
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after the onset of scarlet fever. It may be stated as an important observa-
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many authorities, the author forbids all outdoor sports, at least until
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ihan of the carbohydrate molecule. In fact, the amount of exercise
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it seemed, with some effect ; for a degree of. attempt at repair was mani-
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exposures in a series lup to the limit of safety to the skin, with a rest
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injections of alkaline solutions of cotoin performed on rabbits and dogs were fol-
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The author has never seen any unpleasant local or general effeets bom
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minuria. Mental strain and overwortr also have a bad influence on the
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severe type, a daily intratonsillar injection of 10-20 min. of a warm 2-3
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with a few white scales slowly desquamating; and in both these forms, especially
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in a tuberculous girl, aged thirteen. The autopsy revealed the presence of a
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surface, we free the lower angle of the incision at the neck of the bladder, so
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escaping through a narrow orifice ;" three weeks later the tumour was reduced to
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usually protects the subject from a future one. By whatever mode the
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upon a patient who firist awakens to the knowledge tiiat he has become