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Wechselmann has analysed over two hundred reported fatalities

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(5) Opium and morphine have been preached against in nephritii,

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zette. With editorial summary by J. J. Mulheron, M.D. 12mo. Detroit : George S.

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divided into several classes : I. Accidents which are purely mechanical.

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turn (yeast), 12-16 G. (3-4 teaspoonfuls) daily. Its antiseptic power is

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Cold Bub$. — Cold rubs are more stimulating. The patient^ head,

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symptoms : monoplegia of the left arm, with vaso-motor paralysis. The paralysis

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Ebensee, Ischl, and Beichenhall. Ischl has also two regular saline springs

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throat deeply congested, but slightly swelled. Eruption covering entire