iron spring, and Schlangenbad (Hesse-Nassau). If the patient has
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Pyelitis is the only disease of the kidneys mentioned, but it is very
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As severe complications may result^ such as nephritis and porulept
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8 (1) the digestive power of the intestinal secretion is, on the whole,
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points out that its treatment to be successful must be early and preventive.
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sensitized culture of several local strains of the typhoid bacillus mixed
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Treatment — Antipyresis, support and stimulation, and avoidance of
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introduction into the English Army, in a practical and scientific fashion
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bation of the local process, may the patient be allowed mild exereiae.
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The eruption intensely red over entire trunk, and extending along the
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Iron and Arsenic Waters. — ^If chronic atonic constipation is only
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ment. Repeated cultures from suspicious tonsils may present so diver-
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to talk, wrong words were substituted for those which he desired to use, and
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must manifest its influence in a more varied form. A peculiar case of hysteria in a
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water, and 50 G. (1% ounces) of acetic acid. The stain is allowed to
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lishing my results. I desire in this connection to state that my friends Dr. Wm. H.
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upon its rarity. The causes in the other cases are obscure or unknown ;
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the milk, give barley gruel by the spoonful or, if local i^ymptomsarenotdf
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For the treatment of obstinate dianhcMt, with or without uIoCTstiTe
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collateral flow between the portal and the systemic dreolatioos; tat
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to that of infants, and children of their respective ages that have had the
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H^r bowels not having been moved since Saturday, we prescribed in the
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geographical distribution includes chiefly the West Coast of Africa, and
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giving your prognosis in such cases, to leave some way of escape for your-
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mal salt solution, was injected, and the blood collected as before.
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The operation of incising the perineum to avoid rupture, Dr. Parvin
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asparagus tips. The patient continues to take milk in the middle of the
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At the meeting of the American Gynaecological Society, the discussion
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proportion as she took her drink her wild, nervous and delirious state sub-
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accompanies the condition. Even this is best done by irrigatbg te
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