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often astonishing to see the rapidity with which tite proeess beeonei
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theca — removed for microscopical examination by Dr. Griffith. Cause of
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one form of therapy should not conflict with another. Quinine is the
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membrane, dividing it all around in healthy tissue, and about one centimeter dis-
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Thomas Stevenson, M.D. Lond. Two vols. 8vo. pp. xx., 727 ; xiv.,
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ness. Distinct symptoms of vaso-motor disturbance were not observed ;
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Formalin is the best preparation for disinfecting a room, and is avail-
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tention to the fact 1 that nystagmus is to be seen at times in connection
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ones which contain sodium sulphate, the indicaticms are the same as for
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After determining the existence of this diseased condition by the use of
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smalls not dilatable. When spoken to opens her eyes. Lies with her mouth
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Case XVII Infant of M. G., coloured, female, 7 days old, died Jan.
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9 cases followed the introduction of a single case of facial cutaneous erysi-
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with the creosote first removed, is preferable. There are also a- and
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indicated. If the acute oedema is caused by bronchial catarrh and the
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and thoroughly equipped apartments in the College, by specially appointed Demonstra-
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absorb large amounts of fat, but not as much as normal indifidoili;
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peritonitis arising from rupture of a suppurating Fallopian tube. The pyosalpinx
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sitic origin, and the one to rank first as a proof of the value of biological
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way considerable quantities of ipecac may be given without inducing
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mUk. ** To a pint of boiled milk which has been allowed to cool, is added
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filled bloodvessels, which converged to a common centre, and had upon
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Instead of quinine, euquinine (HT aristoquin may be used (see p. 666).
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are fully known and its dangers appreciated, it might perhaps be administered in
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Uood vessels. Katsenstein and Ziemssen have recently used such injec-
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litic. After a blow on the head, he suffered from continuous dull headache,
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hour when tht person was occupied and sometimes could not obey the caU. The next
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through the Sphincter and Rectum. The object of the plan of operation