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in the same locality, in a healthy open way on the hillside ;
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Baxter, F.R.M.S., F.G.S. (London: Crosby, Lockwood, and
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tachment to the bowel extended over three-quarters of an inch, and was
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during ray fifth hot weather, that enabled me to remain in the Army
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rate of mortality in these towns, which had been 20.9 and 21.5 per
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devoted special attention. He has demonstrated the de-
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Society sliould do. The Council of the Society was cognisant
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scrapings (from similar scirrhous tumours of the breast) treated
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professorship of surgery in the school from ill health. This
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vincial towns. If this be so, the question is one of national
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that persons who have been convicted of drunkenness a
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gas burners ; an opening had at one time been made into a
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Maida Vale, and L Gilbert, of Finchley Road. Second Ytar :
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composition. Cow's milk, when deprived of its casein and
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opinion on the whole question of workhouse nursing.'* It needs but a
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such buildings should be declared unfit for use for the purposes
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do much, as Dr. Fremy obtained with it a considerable
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in somewhat strong language, that feelings of disgust with
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reference to some large ironworks in the town employing
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lining. It may be pointed out that such spaces in sections of
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ence which has passed between the Charity Commission,
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plications to Harris P. Clever, clerk to the Guardians, by May 2nd.
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dealt with, and pretty satisfactorily overcome, when attacked
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titsnt can see nothing with the right eye ; can just appreciate light. When
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sanitary condition of workshops. In reference to the latter,
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tion ; and in the one case you are likely to have a living child,
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patient of A., suflering from chronic illness, in consultation. B visits
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meeting of the Council ot Mr. Alfred Baker, F.R.C.S., Mr. S,
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In looking for the reason of this state of matters he found
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prior to liis visit to the police he remembers only finding him-
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following nosological divisions of the subject: —
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cussion on Mr. Doran's paper on a Large Cystic Myoma of
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presented by tlie staff of that institution with an illuminated
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ha:;matogen (organic iron compound from yolk of egg), or
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support of the candidature of a "medical herbalist ' and another anti-
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such cases leads me to believe that this, like the interesting case of the