Local Antiseptics. — The foregoing antiseptics may also be utilized
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swallowing is difficult, or in the presence of severe convulsions.
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Tlrambs still flexed and inward arching of feet. Apex of occipital bone
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same holds good for the reactions in the spinal fluid.
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iron, and strychnia. In thirty-four years he rarely delivered a woman
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both as to the condition of the arterioles under the influence of the drug, and as
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fluid she had taken since the spasms commenced, and it had quite a tran-
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In both of these conditions, especially for dilatation, it is first of all
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some omissions, the list containing the more recent dyes, including many
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Complications of Qout : Nephritis. — ^The combination of gout and
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and by his direction, through the Secretary of the Treasury, ordered to
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an elevation of 425 ft. This resort is owned by the United States Gov-