8th, 8 A. M. Slept very well last night. Administration of fluids
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mpf ul being taken about every two hours in place of the ordinary water,
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to or dependent upon either pysemia or septicaemia.
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deatli ; to impress upon them the clearly ascertained fact that many dis-
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through the Sphincter and Rectum. The object of the plan of operation
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ease, for the therapy is most unsatisfactory. In acute caaesi whether
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(nervous dyspepsia) we may accomplish our end by giving an abnor-
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Schnabel, Mauthner, Priestley Smith, and Brailey. It cannot be claimed,
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of phthisis admitted into Professor Peter's wards in 1878, M. Friot met with
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advantages of being readily manipulated and of furnishing central light at
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is washed off in a tepid bath. Arteriosclerosis or cardiac weakness ii
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indicated during life by the combination of left hemiplegia with right iii.
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salvarsan in combined i^jrphilitic and tuberculous pulmonary affections.
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a. Poisonous gases : carbcm dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphniie
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muscles of each eye. Recovery took place after seven weeks. In this case the
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It is shorter and of greater diameter and produces an alkaline reaetion
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occipital lobes ; for the thalamus is to be considered only as a ganglion
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Hypercliloiii]rdria. — Sometimes exactly the opposite condition is tlie
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the disease stationary as long aa possible in a patient in the latent atagef
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the macular region. Fourth : Deficient blood supply to the retina. Fifth :
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Glycosuria and even permanent diabetes have also been observed to follow
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said, "we find hospital wards and corridors rarely heated by steam circu-
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whole limb is remarkably wasted, the muscular fibres completely deprived
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the attempt to feed in excess of this power is harmful, and it is poesiUe
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logie diagnosis and justifies pushing this treatment Eradication of the
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ished nerve influence directly, or from increasing general debility, was not
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ordinary half -ounce bottles which can be conveniently inverted over the
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dently formed by the dilatation of veins, occupy the left side of the cheek and
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of radioactivity. Certainly in the natural waters the carbon dioxide
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ever; slowly, but. surely, the limb increased in size. Little by little the