areas of the cortex. Memory does not appear to be affected in disease
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be noticed that the pulse and pressure remain comparatively undisturbed
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Dr. W. Fo Mittendorf, of New York, reports some cases of The
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(her tuberculous condition being proven by an autopsy several days later),
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and practical handling of its themes. With respect to the appearance of
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edge that cases do occur in which it is impossible to make a distinction
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cases occurred. ' Anaesthesia' of the hands of another woman, and hot baths,
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large irrigating reservoir capable of holding 1 or 2 gals, of fluid. To tha
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He practically limits lavage to cases in which the stomach is not empty
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pressed yeast shortly before each meal three times daily, and can heartilf
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the child had had jaundice with albuminuria ; in one reported by Pollard, the
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other arising from the subclavian and entering the transverse process of the
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chemical stimulus. In another experiment, he immersed the bared nerve
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head thirty-four inches long which had recently died, and which had upon
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physician should not be debarred, who, if well chosen, could harmonize
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inner lower margin of the cornea was. situated a small phlyctenula, other-
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Autopsy 24 hours after death in presence of Dr. Hoehling. Navel normal.
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active, vigorous method of introducing the drug, and many authorities
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treatment he must be in daily communication with his physician. In the
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an inability to fix the attention, to follow a continuous train of thought,
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stage. Prof. Emiliani removed a small pear-shaped, solid tumour, one
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conclusions with respect to its agency in the causation of the disease.
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advantages Thompson has modified Nixon's method as follows:
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such superior appliances and modes of investigation as those we have
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)od8 and drinks, all liquors that contain much alcohol, game, sausage,
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The pulmonary alveoli were full of blood, and the vessels contained colonies of
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swallowing. Penzoldt advises that the habit be broken up by ordering
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longed to a 2 or 3 minutes' bath Five minutes or over may finaHy be
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Norris, in his table of operations upon the arteries prepared more than
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The solutions are prepared with physiological salt solution with the
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to inflammation of that membrane. In the second case, the operation