to withdraw 200-300 c.c. (6-10 oz.) of blood by venesection. It is an
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decoction of aloes and tincture of senna. The local affection improved
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in a horizontal position. The patient did not seem to complain of any very
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now be slipped over the other half after it has been sufficiently freed from its
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Salt, Smoked, and Pickled Meats: Dried beef, smoked meats,
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process of the occipital bone, and pressure exerted on the pons always produces
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Society of Glasgow on November 13th, a patient upon whom this operation had
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the scalp and back, and slowly spread to all the mentioned localities. The
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tressing cough. Among the contra-indications to the procedure are: (1)
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always very slow. Under any circumstances, only a portion of the salicylic acid
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but the water should not be swallowed. Nourishment should be given hj
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^tc Easily digestible fats may be allowed at least tentatively (butter,
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upon the widening of the prajcordial dulness. But this was marked in two cases
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The affected side presents numerous wrinkles and furrows, which give the affected
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cent internal capsule. The substance of the left hemisphere was moist. Alter
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Florida, and Oeorgia. The climate of the Berkshires is too damp for
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Otis is, that the syphilitic contagium is not a virus, in the ordinary accep-
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As a contribution to the subject of enteric fever from an unusual source,
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have noticed that patients invariably take more than I allow tiiraL]
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This ife the production of a professional veteran — the well known author
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I have designated this appearance of erysipelas during pregnancy a
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intestine. This is accomplished by prescribing a vermifuge — almost
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the fecal nuuMcs, irritates the anal r^on, and induces rectal penstaltie BOfrMt
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"Carbohydrate Tolerance, — ^When the twenty-four-hour urine is free
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fected with acute and subacute artificial tuberculosis, the synovial mem-
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frequent restorations of hearing by the operations and escape of fluid are
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and kind, equal to that of the good eye ; the area for red, when the nerve
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usual. He continued to be perfectly well for four months, the only unusual
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lower posterior quarter; but not a drop of fluid escaped, nor could the
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flavored with lemon juice, a de8sertsx>oonful every 1 or 2 hours, or even
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C. Nervous Purpura.— It is very probable that cases are sometimes observed
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She complained of great weakness, for the relief of which she took a
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occurs then, and the parasites are most readily d^royed when they are
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wound, only two or three vessels bleeding, and these not so large as a digital
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were, in the majority, marked, and the eruption usually abundant. After
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without valvular lesion are given the usually recognized sounds which
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Principles Underlying the SciENcae op Human Nutrition.
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But in answering he seemed unable to retain the same idea, or follow a line of
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the lesion is of large extent, the functions of two or more areas involved
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Lebert says he " must protest against its possessing any specific char-
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ditions more nearly resemble those found in other parts of the body. The
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weighed. Castration seems to be the least dangerous, and the operation is to be
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much. Paraldehyde 4-8 G. (1-2 dr.) every hour or two, either zkm
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than underfed. ' ' Osier says, * * It is possible that we give too much food.
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bronchopneumonia leaves behind it a chronic form of the affection. This
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Disturbance in the motor innervation stimulating the associated move-
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" Beappearance of Sugar, — The return of sugar demands fasting for