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Fig. 1. — A, Fatal case of typhus in a male adult ; B, C, and D, Examples of the temperature

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building will doubtless be erected in sections, and will be so con-

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but a day or two. Within three years the tumor has increased

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numbered 4523, but he estimates the number of deaths directly and


cough with quickened respiration, the result of pulmonary congestion. It

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mination. Such information has been acquired by careful and

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rose-pink colour, slightly elevated above the level of the skin. They are

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gives rise to constipation, is not one of simple inertia, but of

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or less of their physical reserve power and their sense of well-

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such a patient to discover that she has high blood-pressure.

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Aug. 15. The fever has returned, with the diarrhoea and the

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a second dose, 0.25 c.c. of 1 : 10,000. Often it happens that a

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and in urine and milk specimens at irregular inter-

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low. Irregularity is often present. The seizures vary much in duration

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The excessive diapedesis of the red corpuscles is due mainly to the activity of

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of a tuberculous mother may be born with virulent tubercle bacilli in its

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b. Staph. Albus. This organism is relatively nonpathogenic.