thought to have fitness for hospital superintendencies, certainly other men

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fat has been made emulsiflable, and therefore more easy of digestion, l^

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which he visited her for three weeks or more, ceasing to call as she

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clusions of Dr. Isaac Ott, of Easton, Pennsylvania, and his own are very

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Clothing, bed-coversy handkerchie&, etc., shoold be soaked for an

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Chemical Compounds. By Ira Rem sex, Professor of Chemistry in the Johns Hop-

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following experiments show this to be the case : —

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16 contents of the bulb will be forced out into the funnel. [A simpler

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therapy, the ordinary dose (4-6 G. — 1-1% dr. in capsules or sweetened

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the disease, all of which it may be said were controlled, one particularly

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•atmeal; cereals (rice, farina, barley, com, arrowroot) ; potato, pea, and

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9 P. M. About one-third of the fluids escapes through the wound. He

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L.R.C.P., F.R.C.S., Exam. L.D.S., etc. ; Senior Dental Surgeon and Lecturer on Dental Sur-

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If there is a decided purulent secretion, resins may be given; e.g.,

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frequency of its development is first the third, then the sixth, and very

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benefit in cases with obstinate insomnia by ordering some malt liqctor

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tomical conditions with regard to ulterior renewal of the joint if anchylosis should

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often required until they recover tone and are relatively shortened.

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Hot Compresses. — If the patient cannot move easily, or if he hai

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jected into the tissues, this latter result is inevitable ; in the blood directly,

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difficult, and was interrupted by spasms of the throat and convulsive sob-

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thought out. He handed round a photograph sent by Dr. Kocher, showing the

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as has been said, were made more so by the abduction of the arm, became

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spite the few years that o|)eration has been extensively employed, and the

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The author gives details of his cases in tabular form; the first table con-

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diagnosis and determination are made and specific treatment begun, the

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dicinal (diuretic, diaphoretic, puigative), and partly hydropathic. In

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account of its constipating effect or of the adyanced age of the pa&Dt;

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364 Mackenzie, Irritation of the Sexual Apparatus. [April

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comfort of the patient for two weeks or so depends upon protecting the labia,

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and although four months old it had not attained the average weight of an

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rejecting it all. If the sphincter does not contract strongly enough to

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stopped, and all thought her dead — but in a few moments it commenced

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the purpose of answering these questions, if possible, I have looked up

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drags the feet along the floor, and is constantly tottering. When standing