Caspar Ligon Woodbridge. Shanghai, China. 1610 E. Biddle St.

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muscular tone had little to do with the pres- When our former report was published, Dr.

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In addition to the ordinary routine work, each student is

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1899, Yale, 1901, Harvard, 1904, Johns Hopkins, 1905 ; D. C. L., Edinburgh,

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of heart disease which is not definitely described. Two brothers

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matous degeneration of spleen; congestion of pancreas; acute par-

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Thomas V. Moore. Psychotherapy. — Psychological Bulletin, 1917,

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The preparatory treatment of urological operations. — Johns

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Sears, G. G. Typhoid fever at the I5oston City Hospital in tgo2, 143.

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and every policeman knows all such places on his beat. Confisca-

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Had lately suffered from an attack of la grippe. Complained of

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gency cases on all railroads for use in case of accidents, and said

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on Instruction and Examinations for the first two years. Stu-

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the heart and blood vesssels. — Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin,

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studying Arabic in preparation for this trip, he could not understand a word

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Bacteriological Examination. — Smears from the pial exudate


day and sleeping, are infected all the time, with tubercle bacilli es-

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cyst and pyosali)inx. Laparotomy. Etliyl chloride, 12

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able as their own, may be sacrificed by their action? I^o, as Lin-

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comes with eating and lasts from one to five hours; then nausea,

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ing these and many other barriers, Lwffier has per-

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sponges, Hildreth, J. L., 450; an ai)paratus for etherizing in operations

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bear in mind that the State Health Department has the interest

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and W. H. Brown. Chemopathological studies with compounds

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Hospital for Women of Maryland, 1910-1912 ; Dispensary Physician, the Johns

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Campaign against syphilis. — Lancet, 1917, I, 787; also, British

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cortex and in the white substance, often in great numbers, leads

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was without chart or compass, was groping and haphazard and not

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ment", which gives such good results in septic cases.