with seariet fever, or 1^ the blood, urine and aealoi of aeariei foier
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until probably a small bolus of mucus is hawked up and spat out, or until the
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shifting of the latter's walls or by dressings, infiltrates and presses back
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was nothing in the history of any of the cases to account for an affection of the
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thymol should be used. In some cases it is best to amputate the wounded
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prepared from the record of Dr. Garrigues. Nos. 15 and 21 were also
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'A combination of morphine and apomorphine hydrochlorate is often
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especially Carlsbad, Marienbad, or Vichy, be given. The same treatment
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careful sterilization and disinfection are observed each day and if the
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But the ^ect of lavage is not only palliative but curative. By reliev-
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circumstances, and accompanied by Dr. Clarke Patterson I visited the
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in some parts of the tissue round-cell masses, with columnar epithelium,
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We had occasion to review the first edition of this little manual for the
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We have spoken of the '^ normal "body weight, for it is evident that
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ture of iodine, and keeping the parts well raised in a suspensory bandage. When
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arteritis. In reading the views given by the various authors quoted, on the
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importance, except for the hoarseness which comes from them. Hoarse-
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majority of people, and these will be taken up in the foDowiog
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6-8 G. 0^-2 dr.) a day; (2) salacetol (acetol-salic^lie-acidei^er) in
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was agreeably surprised to find that, after the third application, and within
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sometimes indicated in chronic intestinal catarrh. — he Progres 3I6d., Dec. 22,
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with selections from the test-types of Professor Ed. Jaeger and Professor
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England and Germany. Of mild and unassuming manners, Dr. Davis could
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by a tepid bath or pack for 1^^ hours, and then by a tepid bath or a
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arm or size of the shoulder; but the point of the shoulder is still tender to the
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( 2) The presence of vicarious nasal menstruation. It is a familiar fact
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more than to palliate by operative interference in cases of tuberculous in-
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in the urine). Even if these symptoms are not present, the alkalies,
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The second form of degeneration is fibrous, not regarded in fact by the
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therefore, that medical imposture is a prevailing evil: but it proves con-
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Bouvier, who contends that it is chiefly concerned in the reproduction and
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surface was noticed to be very livid in appearance, suggesting that the placenta
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sulted in decided improvement or even in a nominal cure. Still, the number
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canal until it strikes bone causes no pain. The integument in the place
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In February, 1872, choked disks were found in both eyes. The only other evi-
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gemina and geniculata, and the optic tracts normal. (Haab, Klin, Monatsbl. f.
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of Miilheim, Germany, who delivered twenty-five women, all affected
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These symptoms, as I have said, seem to me collectively to constitute
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convolutions were obliterated. There was little fluid in the right lateral ven-