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to prevent the possibility of fresh extensions of the lesion, or of the tear-
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1884.] Yarrow, Poisoning from the Bite of a Copperhead. 435
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Eraus recommends for cases where the spasmodic rather than the
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ture be great, the course of the aorta is altered, and I have dissected cases
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as in a case reported by Charcot and Joffroy the affection came on after an attack
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of the synovial membrane, cover the tendon at this point, and convert
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rheumatism we galvanize the joint directly with broad plate electrodea.
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1st. The position of the section in the skin, -which must be on a level with the
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Closure of the Jaws and its Treatment is the title of an excellent
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standing and worse when she is lying, should be regarded with suspicion if sup-
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historical aspect of the subject, which I have reviewed thus at length,
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given in sufficient quantities, the author is convinced that these prepara-
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Aleuronat bread, already mentioned in the secticm ui>on diabetes md-
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Tuberculosis. — In conclusion, the author never advises trying to
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ciated ; but it has been also shown that extensive inflammation here has
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diet is in place only when there are signs of uraemia. On the contrary,
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the ball of one foot and part of the surface of the other were covered with a layer
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produce the modifications in the healing process known as secondary union,
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their treatment carried to a high degree of perfection, we possess but few
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28, 1880, 33 hours from seizure. Symptoms and post-mortem appear-
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crobe is " exceedingly agile, rises, descends, and pirouettes on itself."
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diminish the bad effects of scratching. For the itching itself one part
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acute or subacute rheumatism occurring during the course of two years in
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several Sessions has abundantly demonstrated the great value of this Practical Teaching.
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non-poisonous. It is usually prescribed as the emulsi<m, in teaqxionfBl
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Difficulty in swallowing may also be helped by cold applications and
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mnatard plasters, mixtores, salvea, [strapping] (aee p. 361, dry
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bloodvessels. These elements crowd outward toward the lung tissue, but
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ulcer complain after the introduction of an enema, and may, of ooane,