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severe cases, including all croup cases, 5000-10,000 units. — ^Ed.]
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M. Polaillon observes that the case is remarkable as an instance of the rupture
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that these bodies are largely produced in the process of decomposition of nitro-
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berosity (as a complication of luxation of the humerus) an uncomplicated disloca-
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cases this condition usually is brought about by the patient's continually
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its decomposition are injected these deleterious effects are immediately displayed.
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this chapter on syphilis is one of the worst examples of bad writing which
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pend upon proximity or the individual peculiarities of the case. On our
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are attained, to send the patient away to test the treatment, with the above direc-
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the ammonium phosphate of magnesia nearly twice as mndt fat
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powerful and liable to produce intestinal irritation and diarrhcea. In
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it was so dry that she could not get it to the right place to swallow it.
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crackers, crushed wounds with a good deal of dirt ground into them and
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temperatures above 39^ C. During the first hours in the ward the patient
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Case V. A farmer, aged 21, having light-brown hair, hazel eyes, and
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connection with aortic disease, in which severe cardiac pain was set up, and he
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had been performed, the uterus was at fault rather than the ovaries, so that
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times with meat extract, broth, or the yolk of an egg added to improve the
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applications undoubtedly have upon pain, has not as yet been dearly
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A syringe containing 10 c. c. was then filled with the defibrinated
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(2) by the internal use of disinfectants, which are excreted^ in part st
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dation. Their research was conducted in two series: the first by the
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scar of an ulcer recently healed. Upon the right foot the ulcers had
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the fifth night, when it refused the breast, and soon afterwards had a crying
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increase of intracranial pressure. A number of diagnostic points pro-
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views of the author of the paper, although its main conclusions received
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because it does not always clear the stomach of glutinous and adherent materials
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which the sections must be of the greatest tenuity, embracing absolutely
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auce, and deserves to rank among the most impor- j tice for the instruction of those commencing a pro^
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of an alcoholic solution, 1:5, may be sprinkled on the bed clothes,
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Hand-book of the Diseases of the Liver, Biliary Passages, and Portal Vein. By
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