gradual (see p. 437). The author very rarely uses nutrient &iimm, m

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tained by a majority of the profession which their author has so long

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(ptomaine) and arsenic, of an intensely poisonous nature, and resembling very

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1884.] Wardwell, Erysipelas Complicating Pregnancy.

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of followers. It is used as in tuberculosis of the lungs. It must be

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marrow, attributing brilliant success to its use, but the author has seen no

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On Sunday morning, the 10th inst., word came that she was no better.

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thing that mercury can do can be conveniently effected by the small-dose

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eyeball and lids were immovable. The pupils responded to light. The paralysis

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use the same waters at home for the other three treatments during the

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absence of this condition of the lungs, after the body had been taken out

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stomach acts as an excretory organ {e.g., iodine, potassium iodide

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flowers may be tried experimentally, either 150-200 G. (5-6 oz.) of tk

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In a paper entitled. Hyperemia of the Vesica- Urethral Membrane,' T)v.

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As to the second reason, it may be claimed that his moral regeneration

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Simple chamomile tea is often nsed in enteralgia (% teiipooDfal to

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son Tait related three cases of acute peritonitis, due to pyosalpinx, cured by

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The therapy of both these f onus consists in the withdrawal of blood.

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white substance between the anterior superior part of the corpus striatum and the

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have been more prudent under these conditions to undertake a natural cure ; but

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tailed reports of two cases, one of a child three and a half years old,

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of the case and the progress of the patient In the milder cases vheD ^

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iniT <um1 heart aetion are alowed, and the sabjective i^ymptoma are much

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Alcohol should generally be tabooed; but I have often obtained maiked

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•eming what the patient should do directly after eating. The author

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was made that the patient was convalescent from an attack of acute

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mistaken, you do not speak of affection of the pupils or unilateral congestion of

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stixBulants. If given by the mouth, they are not absorbed quicUy enough

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agent. At the Children 's Hospital in Boston each diild admitted is given

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severe cephalalgia, I applied a seton to the left arm, which so effectually