Dr. Sutton describes the operative methods, as he witnessed them, of
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and the epiglottis escapes except in the extended acute inflammatory
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stimulation of the phrenic and neighboring neryes (yagus) and of the
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f the bowels, we try massage, gymnastics, and local hydrotherapy (appli-
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Of complete extirpation of the larynx 36 cases are tabulated, of which
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Left lung normal. Tolerably copious expectorations. Respiration 28.
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the animal economy, has proved of double value, inasmuch as it has on
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a dead child twelve days before she was seen by the reporter. In addition to the
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cold sweats during the night ; bowels open frequently.
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the knee, but points out that this is not done -with the view of forming a new
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one-third of its original volume. Condensed milk is made by evaporating
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eject air through his two nostrils with equal force against his hand. Oph-
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again; and second, we must entirely eliminate the carbohydrates from
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dura. The sac was not formed by the dura, but was independent of it. The
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sition of a cerebral tumour may sometimes be ascertained by this method ; the tap
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thoracotomy, except for a residual pleural fistula.
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at least in this country, must be patent to any one who has much to do
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The observations made may be briefly enumerated as follows : —
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latter merely as familiar illustrations of the lesson. Next comes a rationil
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and vessels were developed originally from a single tube, but it was an inference
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bandaging ; four hours later he had been brought to Georgetown, and was first
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alteration of the secretory and vaso-motor nerves, as a consequence of which ani-
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abdominal tuberculosis without benefit. Pogue reports the favorable
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verified by post-mortem examination. As a rule, the small intestine is completely
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of the combination of quinine, acid, and digitalis was more durable. More