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to decide quickly which of these is suited to a given stage of any given

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Dr. Van de Warker classifies the version and flexion pessaries in use

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Local Antiseptics. — The foregoing antiseptics may also be utilized

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was very restless, walking constantly about the ward, and obeying the calls of

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In a paper on this subject, read at the last annual meeting of the British Medi-

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made from these and stained. In this way the diagnosis can be con-

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ing and ventilation, that they will be much simplified " if the superinten-

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stitutes. Mineral waters poor in alkalies {e.g., Giesshiibl, Seltzer) may

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perforative appendicitis from ample appendicitis by the f oUovnng

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of the altered tissues by the sound. Probably the most important outcome of

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Huntl^ and Palmer's Akoll Biscuit 6.5 Casoid Biscuits No. 1 8.0 '

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points out these distinctions: 1. In the uterine form there is hemorrhage from

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the technique is the same for both soluble and insoluble preparatioDs.

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improper cases. (These are the numbers for one year.)

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punctured the adjoining wall of the artery. As there was no recognizable

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by removing a tooth. The attendant ahonld be given latitude and wateh

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cured, it was worth the general results. He could not agree with this ; for what

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often lacking in Bright 's disease, where the production of bile, with tte

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cannot be ascribed to any one form of disease. It did not occur in lesions

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careful editing, bringing it well up to the times. In doing this, the editor

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It is precisely for this reason that our author should seriously determine,

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consists in making a cut through the skin on a level with the upper border of the

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three times a dav : and the dru«; was aiven for months together.

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The description of the changes of the peritoneum is illustrated by eleven

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suffocation nor the crowing noise were produced. The pustular eruption

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carefully protected from taking cold. For this purpose he should wear

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the War, page 748, is the report of a case (Case 1090) of reflex paralysis

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to sleep again. About 7 o'clock she was alarmed at its refusal to nurse,

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direction of Pathological Anatomy of which America to day is by no

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through the stomach-pump. After the tube had been withdrawn he said,

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in an inhalation- or spray-apparatus, three times a day :

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Ichthalbin is a fine, golden-brown, odorless, and almost tmitrlw

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has actually been seen. It is his own observation and delineation — not

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visible on the side of the forehead is notably enlarged, and pulsates

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"Luxations of tendons, since the confident observations of YV. Cowper and

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(and hence easily excreted) compound from the combination of their

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thres (eastor oil, cascara sagrada, tamarinds, frangula).