diitiay dry or catarrhal, ia the underlying oause of the c(mditimL If this
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due to the disease in question some twelve years after it began, and there
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foreign cases in which deafness accompanied a lesion of the temporal
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first seen in all directions from sixteen to twenty degrees from fixation
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amount of proteins may also be increased, should it seem desirable.
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a few days only, varying from the end of May to the end of June. The
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aeid one (urotropine, salol) are also very useful. Pfeiffer recommends
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time. Many authors prefer to change the direction of the current during
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This course of Instruction is free of charge, but obligatory upon candidates for the
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soluble in water, so that, to counteract them, as in Ihe case of all adds,¬ęB
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g,, too heavy meals; (5) irrationsJ ways of life, such as lack of exercise;
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a day, in powders or, better, tablets, capsules, or biscuits.
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Burnett, Oliver, Dropsy of the Left Middle Ear. [Jan.
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wine ; in torpid cases, lean meat, soup, a little fat, eggs, rice, fruit, and
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generally first produce a retroflection of the uterus, then catch the fundus with a
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Calomel is Babinski's favorite. Its injection is more painful than the
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possible in the open air and yet at the same time not exi>ose him to
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particular they are- widely divergent. Fayrer asserts very positively that
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itching and died away spontaneously towards winter; they have returned
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lents from the coccyx to the left side of the anus.
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(about 1 5 to 1 pint of water), used to soften the dry thickened epithelium
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nearer home, have never named liver and bone because of a resemblance
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patient was totally deaf. It is well known that sensory aphasia has been
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intelligible, it is necessary to recall the anatomical fact, that in man,
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medical schools are only beginning to appreciate the great importance^ the
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although seemingly anxious to do so. A peculiar restlessness or twisting
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could not bear the candle." She. was sitting with her back turned towards
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eu;reB; definite, positive assurances of cure; or serious talks with the
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an etiological factor. It was observed in many cases where colds have been taken,