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should be lost in ascertaining whether or not such is the case. Thus, whenever

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should always prefer resection to amputation, except in dealing with severe

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discharges itself. Angular curvature differs in different cases; sometimes

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rare affection Herpes of the Pharynx, of which all yielded to sulphate of

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amount may often afterward be increased by the addition of 1 glass in

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The daily dose is 100 G. (3 oz.). Elemperer speaks favorably of lecithin

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of his glory — as ' the light cloud fading away into heaven with the morning

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uded. After a similar test supper the dilated stomach on the contrary

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so in 1883 Dr. Senn came before the Association with an article, which,

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frightful expression of horror — the wild anguish and terror in her counte-

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Thirty cases of entrance of air into the veins are mentioned. The cause

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by himself after handling a severe case of erysipelas of the scrotum ; while

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elephantiasis is confined to the connective tissue hypertrophy always known

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therefore, of much importance, and he asked for information as to the diagnosis

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tion ; it was especially demanded after the long use of anaesthetics. He

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nutritive value is also relatively high, on account of their content of

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upon, but we miss one recommendation which we think of considerable

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events in these cases to some such coincidence. — Med. Times and Gazette, Feb.

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author has found alcohol dressings and the treatment with green aoap

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Hungarian waters. Many cases of chronic constipation require but 2-3

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those who are best known among its members are not contributors to its

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with diseases of the blood, one of them being certainly, and the other

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vol. iv. p. 315) suggested to me a means by which the minimum velocity

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In the discussion of the paper, Dr. Goodell stated his preference for

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than if they are fasted immediately. This may be due to the avoidance

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dence aim too much at making legal doctors, rather than medical experts.

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her left side ; with a posterior version I put the patient on her abdomen,