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equilibrium.'* Whether these calories shall be supplied 1^ proteins,

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at least in the earlier stages, are identical with those of gastrodaodoitii

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countries of the world. In England, attention was aroused by the dis-

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so slight as to be scarcely perceptible, even after long continued usage.]

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BO popular in the treatment of dilatation. It is important to eat slowly

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alluded to. It therefore only remains to determine whether the mean

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elaborate investigations into the nature of the ophthalmia produced by

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which causes black stools. The author lays great stress upon it being

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also accomplishes the even more important purpose of relieving the

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a synnge, irrigator, or funnd a disinfecting solution at 100^. The

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portion of the stream is withdrawn for a moment from the vessels and

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the frequent association of conjugate lateral deviation of the eyes with

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of an abundant, serous exudate. [Spontaneous healing occurs often

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what was observed in the ordinary changes of the disease ; and that, in one or

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ascertain with certainty the nature of her malady, and of what vital importance

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In chronic intestinal catarrh with constipation, the auibor b»

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Lt followed by chilling of the surface, friction should be resorted to, and

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lapse. The patella has always been removed by him ; and it is considered pru-

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obscure disease ; an infant is found in a paroxysm of convulsions, and the

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wounds inflicted near and about stables are the most eommoii causes of

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of obesity with abdominal plethora. This is particularly common with

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indeed, the arm became practically useless, and the pressure on the axilla^ plexus

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Autopsy. — The ball had entered the posterior lobe of the right hemisphere

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usually improve more rapidly upon a diet low in purins, not, however,

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lie at the foundation of nasal pathology, and furnish the key not only to the

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at school. It is given to children over five and to adults, in five-drop

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and Papers on Public Health. Boston. Pamphlet, pp. 260.

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death. Toward the close of life, a right hemiplegia developed gradually, affect-

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