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a solution in distilled water of 0.01:70.0 G. (Vao &^''^V2 oz), two
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that there is less likelihood of their causing a sudden gai^c dilatation.]
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such rapidity and activity may prevent serious or fatal results. It is
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daily, and if there is no improvement three times aa many drc^ of
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a day. Betol (naphthosaldl or salinaphthol, the salicylic add-^i^Adui-
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trunk on the distal side of the opening, in addition to the necessary one
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Is the amount of fecal matter actually too small or is the amount uOTnttl,
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been recommended, but apparently cannot be taken without danger.
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which are of long standing or exceptional severity, they cause the da-
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condition itself by lessening the cough. It often relieves wholly or in
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membrane was unduly vascular and covered with lymph; there were recent ad-
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ing. I do not deny its possibility to produce man}' of the symptoms of this disease.
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I pried the bone out ; a marked mitigation of symptoms immediately
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complicated, after Eight Years' Duration, by an Acute Attack of Mon-
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must try from the start to keep up the patient's strength.
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below by the posterior extremity of the Sylvian fissure. These are the
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first stages of convalescence, we may give milk, albumin water, and soaps
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about any tendency toward gangrene. It is possible, however, that a tem-
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or decreased secretion, the watef should be cold; if there is inflamma-
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vocal ligament (vocal cord) posteriorly. This horizontal strip of cartilage,
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Classifioation of Cases of OBBsrrT. — ^In discussing the therapy of
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used for weeks at a time, as the elasticity of the lungs, in spite of the
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chosen, and are mainly medical in character, the object being to teach
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Obesity. — ^The subject of gout and obesity has already been treated