rapidity and intensity of its effect in the body ; and its excretion of the

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this is not surprising, when it is compared with several instances upon

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for many individuals. With some patients the use of veal r^^ularly

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disease of the cerebellum. This is a peculiar restlessness or oscillation

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his tribute. The advice to the casual worker, however, to purchase an

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which led to a thrombosis in the vessels of one eye. That the visual

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culosis, which have reached such an advanced stage that direct loeal

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to the SurgeoD -General's Office last July, and it is herewith reproduced

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four months old, pressure on the occiput with the finger produced at will an

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iugular vein. Usual sound as above described. Slight symptoms of paralysis of

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The work having been " carefully revised and enlarged, is offered to the pub-

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occipitalis, both on its surface and in its substance, was found in a condition of

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not a true bronchitis. The secretion, which is poor in cellular structure,

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with their modes of thinking, and with the modes in which they investigated

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The chief operators in the record of the four hundred rank as follows : —

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she had had no food or medicine except by the rectum, for the coma was so deep

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liver alone or also, as is not infrequently the case, to cardiac insufficiency.

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Sept. 12. Patient complains that there is a " drop of movable fluid" in

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2. "La Quarta Centuria d' Ovariotomie in Italia." The fourth hundred

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xm normal saline solution to assist in expelling the mucus which has

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nated as " primary tubercle of the lung ; " when the caseous source of

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tion and coagulation of their contents, this matter, he thinks, might be mixed

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