of the disease special care should be taken that only absolutely necessary articles
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stove, nor radiator. The patient diould not face the light. He should
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interesting chapter on the gunshot wounds of arteries. The section devoted
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Morphine and opium are given sometimes alone, sometimes in simple
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ounces escaped from the wound during a fit of gagging as the tube was
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form with cover, will be furnished to authors in lieu of compensation, provided
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entitle him to warmest commendation and gratitude. E. C.
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for sammer, the resorts on the North Sea, provided the patient ia sot
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The paralysis was due to pressure upon the right crus cerebri, as was
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bulk, Reyher divided his cases into the bejingerte and the unbejingerte, cases
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persons present at the operation were still living except the operator him-
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eat anything he has a fancy for. Pulse to-day 97, and compressible. He
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paratively exempt from the ravages of this unmercifully fatal malady. But, ex-
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frontal lobe. (Bartholow, Journ. Psycholog. Med., vol. ii. p. 360.)
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but this being objected to by the woman, a variety of escharotics were
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severe pain. Rotation of the humerus with the arm at the side was noiseless,
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administration of hexamethylenamine with alkalies such as bicarbonate
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cirrhosis of the liver ; in these cases it is probable that the involvement of
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he is convinced that the capsule of all teeth is persistent ; and that instead
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the value of the auscultatory phenomena of heart disease."
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the muscles ; and if the pressure "have not been exerted to a fatal extent,
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With firm pressure from the oi)erator's finger and thumb closely apidied
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or externum, interstitial or submucous fibroids. This form he therefore calls the
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the entire series for two months, and the intermediate, say 13, 15, 17,
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Francis Delafield, of New York. His reply was, " I have no knowledge
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When we have satisfied ourselves that a patient is suffering from cancer of the
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Swinging the arms in the sagittal plane. ... 6 10 16 "
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into the scholarly Latfn in which his work is written. He gives Mr. Cowper full credit,
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''The act of getting up, with the movements of the bodv which are caused by
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mineral waters, found that Vichy (Grande Grille) gave the highest percentage,