be added directly to the water used in waahing out the

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At a meeting of the Woolwich Military Medical Society on February 15, 1884,

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the dose was gradually increased to sixty, ninety, or even one hundred drops

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of purely nervous dyspepsia, or of organic affection of the digestive tract

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Society of Glasgow on November 13th, a patient upon whom this operation had

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the latter generally in a mixture, but also in powder form, 1.OO-5.00 6.

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various applications to relieve the pain ; e.g., chloroform and oil of winter-

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sheath-like form, was found between the outer and middle coats, and in

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to the age, twice a day. It is best administered in milk or water and

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duce a previous swelling of gumma. It has no effect upon the early lesions

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lymph, and to empty any existing cavity by bringing its walls into

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or hear, where they burn green and dry wood, turf, and sawdust, the disease is

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This expression of opinion on the minute anatomy of the air-vesicles of

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for many cases, but susceptibility varies so greatly in different patients

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ment is not to confer temporary comfort or appearance of well-being,

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be convincing.] The author has given up the use of antifebrin, having

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a horse. Fifteen months before death a small hard tumour of the scalp in the

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provement in the condition of the fluid. I am convinced that our aim

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between the schools and the authorities of some hospitals, and there is

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malignantly involved, hangs over the ulcerated cavity. On the contrary, the

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Of the six cases in which the external jugular vein was involved, in

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6. The tubercle poison, like the pyasmic, differs from that of syphilis

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nutritive changes previously mentioned, and that the jaundice results from the

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can constitute a determining cause in the production of the symptoms,

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so readily. Empty of its tendon its sharp edges, its deep sulcus, its situation

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