tesis, when fluid was in the tympanic cavity, the membrane of the drum

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hyperacidity suddenly interrupts the salivary digestion of the carbohy-

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augmenting his weight Any food tending to produce diarrhoea or even

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the hair must be carried out before the patient is released from the sSdE-

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clusion, since a casual student might suppose that, on account of the inti-

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to its extraordinary antiseptic properties. Even a 1 : 20,000 solution of

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English bath-towels are best for the purpose. They should be soaked

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and the hardness had gone on progressively increasing. The condition had been

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Professor Forster, of Breslau. It consists of performing iridectomy and

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of several.] On the other hand, as Wegele has pointed oat, the effects

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The disadvantages of an insoluble mercury preparation are that

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In his second article, published in 1848, Dr. Sims says that new facts

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vails in the worst form. It is called there, and in South America, seven

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humerus at once disappeared." " If a displacement of the tendon necessarily

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1 First pointed out in 1875, by Dr. J. Hughlings Jackson.

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of hydrophobia burst upon me. I shudder even now at the recital — but it

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The distance of the right hand introduced into the uterus from the left

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differentiates these at once ; and the other forms are too characteristic to

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have already mentioned the necessity for taking proper prophylaetie

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lence and intensity of the disease. It would appear that in tropical

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tion of the heart, restlessness, etc.) that it is often necessary to unwrap

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wards substitute more normal impressiona Freud considers all cases of

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kept in the bottles of oil in which old carbolized catgut used to be kept. It is

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only a negligible one in rendering the Wassermann reaction negative.

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recent investigations divide them into two groups. The first prodnees

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ing, skating, snowshoeing, etc. Daily breathing exercises should be i&-

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is freed relatively quickly. In aU inflammatory conditions of the intes-

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in the presence of air (oxygen, Pasteur). M. Masse ends the chapter on

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not be predicated upon the known results of the removal at an advanced

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2. Nausea, vomiting, cramps in abdomen, diarrhoea, and even enteritis