Case II — Rose M., aet. 49, married, childless, excellent family history,
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e 8t<Hnach-tube, the stomach should first be washed out and then a
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lessness, of psychic disturbances, of great excitement, and particularly
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30th, p. m. Expression lively; intelligence clear, no hallucinations; tongue
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or alkaline-saline waters are doubly indicated (Carlsbad, Vichy,
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The diseases of the mouth belone in part to the domain of the
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eu;reB; definite, positive assurances of cure; or serious talks with the
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Marsh had, at quite as early a date as Von Basedow, laid due stress on
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While Dr. Godson was engaged with the child, Mr. Knowsley Thorn-
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to include the appetite, digestion, and often a gain in weight. Obstinate
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Hie aatluMr hinuidf has not tried it in asthma. For fnrtber details oon-
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ideroeis; (7) Ujeurasthenia and hysteria; and (8) simply an empty stom-
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who will not recall many cases of rapid union in wounds entirely unpro-
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protein meal and rice meal, fulfils a similar purpose.
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sion by way of the journals too often takes from that which is best in it
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College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York, etc. 8vo. pp. x., 687.
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the cavity, but preventing the escape of fluid from it in an opposite direc-
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stitial nephritis). A combined cure is often very successful, the patient
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tates recovery more successfully than any other measure. Weir Mitchell 'a