large irrigating reservoir capable of holding 1 or 2 gals, of fluid. To tha
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and the hardness had gone on progressively increasing. The condition had been
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average duration of sickness in 207 of my cases to be 50 hours, of which
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the external condyle. This should, of course, in the absence of symptoms
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precautions, from osteo-myelitic abscesses in five cases. The pus was collected
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finding that he could raise the arm above his head. The next day the shoulder
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be very thoroughly chewed, as the action of chewing may increase gastric
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times been observed by Professor Charcot in tabetic cases.
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distinction drawn between a primary and a secondary colour-blindness,
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communication with it by a small opening, the edges of which were thin
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the value of the auscultatory phenomena of heart disease."
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tion is treated with comparative fulness, and with a sufficiently precise
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cine, I mean, that a man should be extensively read in the best authors who
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whose occupation is sedentary and miennded. In such work we should
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had any trouble with this eye before ; in fact, he always considered it as
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deviation of the two eyes in the same direction, the deviation being due
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the eruption of smallpox is sometimes preceded and accompanied by a
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gradually allowed again (raw or soft boiled eggs, or suitable patented.
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was not removed, yet the hard masses had been completely got rid of, the patient
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They tend to diminish the swelling of the ghmds (or spleen), to reduce
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meningitis follows whooping-cough. A strong constitution is the best
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soiution. One such dose, or if necessary repeated at the end of 24 or
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between two rooms, one of which is being aired out while the patient
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offal about cannaries, which nuisances should be promptly abated by legis-
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his body appeared considerably arched forwards, and the shoulders drooping.
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with an intense sense of smothering, and spasm of the throat, which she
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clinic and College for Graduates in Medicine, etc., and Charles A. Oliver,
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mation can be extracted upon so important a matter as the methods of
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on Surgical Diseases and Injuries. By D. Hayes Agnew, M.D.,
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ably effective. After washing out the stomach, we give it in ounce doses
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existence of pain during flexion of the forearm can readily be understood.
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including the two herewith given. Of these cases Sir James Paget records
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other pathological conditions. The dietetic regime oft^i ordered for
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But if they — particularly opium, lavage, and a warm bath— do not bof
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where the reaction appeared, until this quantity has been borne with no