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it might disappear at once on lifting the foot from the ground. A slight aching

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presses slightly the air, but cannot force it onward. Cohnheim says : "When

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scars measured from one to two cm. in diameter. The course of the affection

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are more marked than in an ordinary case of eczema.

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and thirty minims of the tincture of digitalis since 11 A. M. same day.

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or no emaciation, and no consequent sinking of the bones to correspond with supposed

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M.D., Lecturer on Physiology and Histology in the Medical School

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one point far to the right in the iliac fossa. Urine drawn, thirteen ounces,

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alkaline treatment, in addition to the other, sometimes proves too

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that " all that it seems to me can be honestly admitted in respect to the

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composition of tubercle a sure method of diagnosing those tumours which

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proteins in the serum allows of a greater concentration of antitoxin, so

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" The minimum of deaths, to begin with the first year, occurs nearly in

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their content of lithium salts was mentioned, because these salts have a

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has already spent itself. To guide the amount and choice of exercise, in

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the depression the appearance of being somewhat external to the normal

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symptoms are " pains and aching in the limbs, headache and a feeling of

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quantity, the rapidity of the circulation would be in direct ratio to the