not only reduces the fever, but also prevents the threatened ontbredL
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is extensively used on the Continent ; but it has never been a favorite in
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upon vessels, and it is quite within the range of possibility that it should
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250 G. (1 tumblerful) boiled milk, or ooooa mmde with half milk
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Here, such patients as are considered well enough to enjoy the privilege,
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used so much in pulmonary tuberculosis as in other infectious diseases,
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EggB are ezoeedingly nutritious, but many individuals are apt to
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exercise, as seems to suit him best. As for exerciM in general, patients
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Camphoric Add. — Camphoric acid has the advantage of i»odoeing
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back to the method, and we believe that such reactions should be pre-
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diminish and disappear temporarily. The functional troubles are due to the in-
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of the severest kind of gastric crisis in a morphine habitu6, it stopped at
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night, and then rubbing him down ; (4) the sedative effects of tepid foQ
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be a part of this nonspecific serum intoxicatiim. This reaction is identical
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in the artery was small. The history of a previous tumour and swelling
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the culture medium, %.e., the contents of the large intestine, aeleds foodi
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vessels containing constantly the lye-soap solution, and thrown as soon as pos-
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opium is chosen, 0.05-0.15 O. (%-2i4 gi*-) of the aqueons extnet in a
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destroyed the whole or a part of the cervix, had invaded more or less of the
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front door. He asked her what was the matter, and she replied she wished
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whose cough is confined to several hours in the morning are often advan-
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a certain moderate amount does i^pear to be absolutely necessary. The
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the horizontal position, or to either side. An attempt to do so with the head
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knowledge in regard to tuberculosis, as that a true conception of the na-
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or the liver, without our having any suspicion of them before the
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nay be washed out with alkalies ; e.g., Ems, Carlsbad, or Yichy water, or