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or, especially in cases of vomiting, wine or brandy.

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loss of function of the left halves of both retina?.

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organism. If the animals experimented on by Thomas did not die, it was because

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of any kind is to be given by the mouth. Milk, wine, or champagne

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albolene prevents rusting and enables one to employ the same needle

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ploys the following excellent combination: 250 G. (8 oz.) of mUk,

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The emulsion causes the formation of an area of infiltration, often in

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diversions and agreeable social conditions add to this advantage. Living

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26th, p. m. Expression very much improved ; skin warm and dry ; pulse

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not only must there be a specific virus in the system, but there must also be a

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Patient remarked that now, for the first time, he was not aware that

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e 8t<Hnach-tube, the stomach should first be washed out and then a

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(sometimes with the beaten yolk of an egg) , carbohydrates liberally in the

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that cannot be oxidized farther; on the contrary, the substances ex-

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we have had no plausible explanation for the action of the alkalies in

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sclerotic spots in the medulla and pons. (C. K. Mills, Phila. Med Times, vol.

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structure simply of hypertrophied mucous membrane ; this being seldom the case