having found that years, perfectly agreeing as to their

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insight, the constitutional sorrowfulness of a woman's

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Dr. GoodfeUow, to his very great credit, stepped in

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modifications made by each operator as his experience

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Saturday St. Thomas's, 1 p.m.— St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. —

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HATCft, .Jeremiah A., Esq., Assistant-Surgeon, to the Terrible,

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was mainly in support of a clause restricting the sale

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'•' His Excellency would further beg the Principal

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sequence of their report, this decision was arrived at.

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The proportion of total number of patients to popu-

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the Singlie " to dinner ; and just when making a tumbler of

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this as an alternative operation, is in the intention to

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he was about being treated for this, he was attacked

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and in favour of the class he has attacked is, that

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,£200; Infirmary for Consumption, Margaret Street,

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examination, both lungs were positively filled with

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son, the actuary to the National Debt, who has most

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up as an illogical dealer with facts by so high an au-

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right to avail themselves of the intrinsic scientific

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declined to give a certificate regarding the cause of

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— what, in his opinion, was really the disease, if it was

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If we are to believe the Report, the institution is

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Brend, Alfred, Esq.. Assistant-Surg. (additional), to the Eitryalus.

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displaced than in any other position; and this, there-

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birth prior to its removal do not, it is said, commence

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In four of the cases, chloroform Avas administered ;

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are charms, inodorous amulets, sympathetic powders, etc.

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acid has very httle effect in this way. And with these

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of Philadelphia, remarks in regard to the phenomena

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jun., M.E.C.S., the bone-setter's son, — I must ask. Is

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Body of Both Se.xes, etc. By W. S. Oke, M.D. Second edition.

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to necessitate a change in the old cherished idea of

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ever recover power over his bladder so as to dispense

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the medicines as last ordered to be continued. There was

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of little bubbles arose. It comes from this, that the

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that all this is as demonstrable as the law of gravita-

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guided by the intelligential part of a more perfect

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The blood becomes pale and watery ; loses its normal

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fistula in ano for eight years or more. On being in-

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