remain after the parasites are expelled, will almost always disappear of
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placement inwards from the summit of the humerus ; the osseous nodules about
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yellow precipitate with potash cadmium iodide or potasso-mercuric iodide, with
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velocity in the large trunks is so extremely high that the difference in
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ducing oedema in their sub vaginal spaces, with consecutive neuritis and
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as in laughing and crying. At the end of a week another physician saw
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Kest in Bed. — Scarlet fever manifests itself in such diversified ways
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Since this experience the remedy had been used with some success in cases of
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her, and speedily relieved these symptoms. She did not get perfectly
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tiiorouf^y cooked. Keeping these differences in mind, I have fre-
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If the urine begins to diow a green. color, the carbolic acid must be
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in lupus taken from the conjunctiva. Being convinced that they must
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phthisis, in infantile diarrhoea, and in sialorrhoea. Riggi believes that cotoine is
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of the pulse, and improved condition of patient induced us to defer the
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analogous to papayotin and like it derived from plants ; e.g^, ananaspain
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the common use of latrines on the Continent, and are approved by the
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appeared and much of the pain. In three weeks he was entirely cured.
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always normal ; the urine contained neither sugar nor albumen. The patient
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It is a model paper for a volume of Hospital Reports, being a succinct
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seems divided into fragmentary lamellae, and loses its connecting adhesions
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bottom of the container. About three feet of rubber tubing of an extra
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knowledge of the circumstances upon which his opinions should be formed,
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Big. — 3-5 tiU>]68poonfuls a day for adults; 1-4 for children.
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the secretory activity was resumed in excess. The clinical history and cir-
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XXV. A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By
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connective tissue in which they are embedded, cannot contract For